Monday, 29 February 2016

#7wa3 Unit1 - Scratch - Lesson 3

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - Understand what a variable is
LO2 - Be able to use a variable in your scratch game

Red - You will understand what a variable is
Amber - You will be able to think of variables that can be used in a computer game
Green - You will have added a variable to control the score to your game



Task 1: Creating a Variable
a) Open your Scratch game and create a 'score' variable

Task 2: Enemy Score
a) Add script to your main character that sets the score to '0' when the game starts

b) Add script to your 'enemy' that will decrease the score by 10 points (-10) when you hit it

Task 3: Collecting Points
a) Load or create a sprite to act as way to collect points (coin, heart, jewel etc.)

b) Add script to your 'good item' that will increase the score by 10 points


Try adding a life or health variable into the game


a) Open your Scratch Evidence Document
b) Complete the Lesson 3 section
c) Save your work