Monday, 7 March 2016

#7xd3 - Unit2 Kodu - Lesson 2

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 Understand how to add different types of paths to a world and use these to control enemies within a game

Red - You will have added a character that can be controlled by the arrow keys
Amber- You will have added paths and walls to your game 
Green - You will have programmed your character to follow a path



RED TASK - Add and Control A Character
a) Add a character to your world
b) Program your character to move using the arrow keys

AMBER TASK - Add paths
a) Add walls and roads to the world you created last lesson

GREEN TASK: Programming
a) Program an enemy to follow path
b) Program the enemy to shoot the player
c) Program your character to shoot when the space bar is pressed

Instructions for following a path and shooting a Kodu when seen

Instructions for Kodu to shoot a blip when the space bar is pressed

a) Experiment with the world settings