Monday, 11 April 2016

#9m5 Future Worlds - Creating Working Screens and Buttons

Lesson Objectives
LO1 - To understand how to create a button in GameMaker so that you can set up a menu system for your game 
LO2 - To understand what testing is and appreciate it's importance

Red - You will have loaded your game interface screens into your game
Amber - You will have created working buttons on your screens
Green - You will have tested your buttons and updated your development log


  • Task 1- Download Game Template and save in your area

CLICK HERE to download platform game

CLICK HERE to download scrolling shooter game


Task 2 - Loading in Your Screens 
  • Use the Create a Background button to load your screens into GameMaker

  • For each room set the correct background

Task 3 - Creating Buttons 
  • Using what you have learnt in today's lesson and using the video below if you need a reminder load all of your screens into the game and create a set of working buttons


  • Download the 4 parts of the Development Log  by clicking HERE
  • Save them in Sites --> DA204SPB --> Evidence --> Development Log
  • Copy and paste your rules from rules log into the formative testing section
  • Test your game to see if your buttons work correctly - record your results in the development log and fix any problems