Thursday, 21 April 2016

#9p5 Future Worlds - Creating A Character Sprite

Lesson Objectives 
L/O 1 - To continue to develop your knowledge of primary and secondary images 
L/O 2 - To continue to improve your graphic skills
L/O 3 - To be able to develop a sprite for use in your game

Red - You will have created a character sprite using Adobe Illustrator
Amber - You will have begun creating the sprite for your main character
Green - You will have completed the sprite for your main character


  • 10 Minutes Design Time
    • Grab a piece of blank paper
    • On your paper sketch out a design(s) for:
      • Your Main Character
      • Any enemies you will need in the game


RED TASK - Create a character for your game

  • Start to create your main character in Adobe Illustrator
  • The sprites must be 32X32 / 64X64 / 128 x128 pixels in Adobe Illustrator
  • They must have a transparent background
  • You must save it for the web (go to File - Save for web and devices + choose png-24)

AMBER TASK - Create more sprites 
  • Think about what other sprites you will need for your game
  • Now try creating them using Adobe Illustrator


GREEN TASK - Get them into the game
  • Click the red pacman button to create new sprites in gamemaker and load in what you have made