Tuesday, 17 May 2016

#10p3 - A Population Model

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - To organise your work area and evidence document 
LO2 - To have understood what the controlled assessment is about

Red You will have set up the folder needed for your controlled assessment 
Amber You will have set up an evidence document in Word
Green You will have written a paragraph explaining what you have to do for your controlled assessment


  • Log into your Wildern email
  • Go to Google Classroom
  • Find A Population Model Workbook - this is a digital copy of a helpbook to help you throughout the coursework



  • Complete slides 1-7 Setting up your evidence document
  • Complete slide 8 Highlighting any important information


  • Complete slides 9-10 Fill in the paper copy of A Population Model Workbook - explaining what the problem involves and what you need to do to solve it


  • Complete slide 11 - Make a bullet-point list of what the program needs to do (step-by-step) 
  • Complete slide 12 - Put each one into a category so that you are ready to put these into flowchart software


  • Complete slide 15 - Flowchart in Draw.io