Tuesday, 3 May 2016

#9pisc1 Cover Weds 04/05/16

9pisc1 Cover Lesson Weds 4/5/16


  • Make sure that your Trends In Computing presentation is fully complete:
    • Name and candidate number on first slide
    • All slides fully filled in with suitable information and images
    • Conclusion written on final slide
  • Pupils should go to classroom.google.com and log in using their school email
  • Pupils should then enter the 9pisc1 classroom to find their presentations
  • The following pupils all have presentations that need to be improved:
    • Jason Chen
    • George Field
    • Adam Gearing (add suitable images only)
    • Luke Goodenough
    • Sam Grindey
    • Joe Hustler
    • Charlie Jarrett
    • Euan Mannion
    • Mohammed Medhi (add suitable images only)
    • Lucas Noble
    • Luke Pardoe (more detail on slides)
    • Ben Pitter
    • Harry Reed (add suitable images only)
    • Josh Sneddon (add suitable images only)
    • Mike Sterling (add suitable images only)

Task 2

  • When pupils have completed their presentations they should go to the link below and work on the Python coding lessons (they will need to sign in with school email to keep progress):