Monday, 20 June 2016

#7xd3 Unit 2 Kodu - Lesson 3 - Racing Game

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 Understand how to combine programming and design skills learnt so far

Use paths and opponents within a racing game



Task: Create a racing game in Kodu
Use the skills from the last two lessons to create a racing game in Kodu.

You will need to:

  • Add terrain
  • Add a road to race on
  • Program a main character to be drivable by player
  • Add paths on the road that an enemy racer will follow
  • Program an enemy racer to follow the path automatically
  • You should try to do this independently but if you get really stuck you can use the help guides below:

Racing Game in Kodu Guide - Part 1
Racing Game in Kodu Guide - Part 2


  • Log in to
  • Open the self assessment log
  • Complete the Racing Game section