Wednesday, 19 October 2016

#9pIs3 #9mIs1 Future Worlds - Navigation Diagram

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - to understand what a navigation diagram is and how they are used in computer games design

Red - You will be able to explain what a navigation diagram is
Amber - You will have created a navigation diagram for your play and learn game
Green - You will have used feedback to improve your diagram and then linked it to your eportfolio



Open google classroom and use google slides to create a navigation diagram showing how the user will move through your game

Show your diagram to a test buddy and get their feedback on your diagram.
  • Is it clear and easy to understand?
  • Can they visualise you game from it?
  • Is it logical and sensible?

Use your feedback to make any improvements needed to your diagram

A/A* - Add annotations explaining your choices of how the user will navigate. Focus on explaining how your design will make it easy for the player


  • Hand in your rules log and navigation diagram on google classroom