Monday, 27 February 2017

#9mIs1 #9pIs3 Past Present Future - Design Changes 2

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - To redevelop your design work to fit your new storyline

Red - Update your moodboard work
Amber - Update your rules log
Green - Update your stoyrboards

RED TASK - Moodboard

  • Open your moodboard from google classroom
  • Change the pictures on it to fit your new storyline
  • Change the annotations on each slide

AMBER TASK - Rules Log

  • Open your rules log document from google classroom
  • Adapt what you have written to fit your new storyline

GREEN TASK - Storyboards
  • Draw a new set of storyboards that fit with your new storyline
  • Open your storyboard documents from google classroom
  • Add in pictures of your new storyboard drawings
  • Change the annotations