Tuesday, 31 October 2017

#10m6 #10n3 #10p2 Past Present Future - Promote It

Lesson Objectives 
LO - To appreciate the key features of an effective promotional advert
LO - To understand the requirements for a 5 mark promo

Red - You will have recorded the footage needed for your promo
Amber - You will have begun to edit your footage using Windows Moviemaker
Green - You will have added quotes about your game


Watch this TV advert - 
  • What is the purpose of this advert?
  • What are the key features that make this an effective advert?

Promote It

You must produce a promotional product (promo) for your game that encourages people to play the game.

For 1 mark, a student may have needed guidance, but must have created a simple promo that makes use of some assets from the game. 
For 3 marks, a student must have created a simple promo that makes use of appropriate assets from the game to attract interest and encourage people to play. 
For 5 marks, a student must have created a promo that makes use of well-chosen assets from the game to attract interest and persuade people to play.

Here is an example of a 5 mark promo:


  • Use screencast-o-matic to record a short clip of each level of your gam
  • Use Windows Moviemaker to create your promotional TV advert.
  • It must include:

    • A PEGI rating
    • Video clips of your game in action
    • Suitable music / voice overs
    • Comments and quotes about your game
    • A release date 
    • What console(s) it will be released on


  • Update the checklist on google classroom