Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#9m5 Future Worlds

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - To develop your gamemaker coursework

Red - You will have completed all game screens
Green - You will have started to update your assets tables


  • Read through the checklist
  • Tick off the tasks that you have completed
  • What do you need to do in today's lesson?


1 Create the background screens in Adobe Photoshop
- Menu
- Instructions
- Winner
- Loser
- Back story
2 Create a working game using GameMaker
- Working menu screen
- Working instructions screen
- Working winner screen
- Working loser screen
- Working back story screen
3 Put your own sprites into the game
- Added your own main character sprite into the game
- Added your own enemy characters sprite into the game
- Changed all other sprites in the game to your own
- Changed the background
4 Added your own favicon
5 Added your own loading screen
6 Made your game pausable
7 Created working levels for your game
- Working level one
- Working level two
- Working level three
- Working level four
- Working level five
8 Added your own sound effects to the game
9 Added your own music to the game
10 Filled in your Assets Table - to show all pictures and sounds used
11 Filled in your Development Part A - to show how you tested your game
12 Filled in your Development Part B - to show user feedback
13 Filled in your Development Part C - to show teacher comments
14 Filled in your Development Part D - to show design changes


Update your checklist with any progress you made today