Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#9p5 Future Worlds - Adding Music Into Your Game

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - To understand how to use GameMaker to add appropriate music into your game

Red - You will have found suitable music for your game
Amber - You will have loaded your music into gamemaker
Green - You will have music playing in your game


Why do games use music?
What kind of music would suit your game?

  • You can find lots of tracks on my area on the read drive:

  • Download and save the music you have chosen into your:
    • Sites --> DA204SPB--> Products --> Game 

  • Make sure that you update your Assets Table


Task 1  - Load the Sound into your Game 

Task 2 - Create an object called obj_StartMusic, put it into the room where you want the music to start

Task 3 - Create an object called obj_StopMusic, put it into the room where you want the music to stop playing


Task 4 - Test It
  • Play your game - does the music work as you expected?
  • Fix any bugs and update your development log section A