Thursday, 12 May 2016

#9p5 Future Worlds - Loading Screen

Lesson Objectives 
LO1 - To understand the purpose of a loading screen
LO2 - To learn how to add your own loading screen into gamemaker

Red - You will designed a loading screen for your Play and Learn using suitable software
Amber - You will have created a loading screen and added it your game
Green - You will continued to develop your Play and Learn game



1. Use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your loading screen at 640px  and 480px

2. When  complete save / export your loading screen as a PNG  or JPG

1. Click on global game settings

    2. Choose show your own image and then click change image

    Extension Task

    • If you want to customise the loading bar on your loading screen try
    Mini Plenary

    Look at your feedback on the printout in your folder
    What do you need to be doing for the remainder of today's lesson?
    Write 3 targets on your sheet

    Green Task
    • Using your feedback sheets and the targets you have set your self continue to work on your developing and improving your Play and Learn coursework and game


    • Log on to your school email and go to Google Drive
    • Find the 11p1 Play And Learn Marksheet spreadsheet